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Get the advantage in Real Estate

At RE/MAX Ikon we are excited to partner with you to be your one-stop-shop for all things leverage. From transaction coordination to listing marketing and field services, we’ve got you covered. Our commitment is to deliver five-star service for you, so you can create clients for life. 

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Concierge Services

Contract to Close

We understand the hassle of juggling communication, coordination and compliance tasks. From deadlines through document management all the way to closing tables, we have got it covered; so you can focus on doing what you love – all the way to the closing table!

Field Services

Being an agent comes with so many exciting experiences. But lugging around a heavy signpost to your listing and ruining clothes while digging in the dirt? That’s just not worth it! Hand off those tiresome outdoor tasks to us – we’ll take care of them for you quickly and efficiently!

Contract Preparation & Compliance

Gain the confidence of knowing that your documents and details are handled efficiently, so you can leverage what makes you great. In addition to providing Offer Prep support, we also ensure full Broker Compliance and timely payment when the transaction closes. 

Listing Coordination

Get your property noticed! Take advantage of our exclusive listing offerings and make sure you have an edge over the competition. Our services provide everything from paperwork to custom marketing campaigns, and detailed MLS entry so you can get maximum visibility for your real estate offer.

Why Choose Ikon Advantage?


As a real estate agent, you know the importance of meeting deadlines and completing the transaction process with accuracy and speed. That’s why it pays to have an experienced team handling the paperwork for you — and that’s what Ikon Advantage is all about!

Ikon Advantage takes care of the documentation part of real estate transactions, so you can focus on what you do best – locating great properties and negotiating deals. We handle all the administrative work, freeing up your time to nurture relationships with clients and pursue more business opportunities.

Your personal Transaction Coordinator learns your preferences and uses a detailed system to manage contracts, prepare closing lists, handle document filing and rejections, as well as coordinate inspections & appraisals. This ensures that you’ll always be on top of important dates, so nothing will fall through the cracks and get lost in emails or stacks of paper.

We delight in managing details down to their minutest parts so no transaction gets overlooked or pushed aside due to paperwork overload. With our help, you can be confident that every detail is being taken care of quickly and efficiently – enabling faster closings for satisfied clients who come back to work with you again!

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Get the Most Out of Your Business with Ikon Advantage

Ready to find out how our ‘Ikon Advantage’ program will propel your business further? Schedule your strategy session today!